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ITWORKFLOW has developed a cloud competence center of excellence and has established a dedicated delivery center to support cloud infrastructure. We believed that SAAS (Software as a Service) and PAAS (Platform as a Service) on the cloud will drive the future of technology. Some of the key reasons identified for the rapid adoption of cloud computing are :

Putting your applications on the cloud :

More and more applications are becoming available on the cloud. It’s predicted that by in future more than a quarter of all applications will be available via the cloud. About 56 percent of enterprises consider the cloud to be a strategic differentiator while about 58 percent of enterprises spend more than 10 percent of their annual budgets on cloud services. It is predicted there will be more than 8.2 billion active mobile devices with the trend of more and more applications on the cloud to follow. Applications will be on tap via the cloud since the cloud makes it possible to rapidly build and deploy applications leading to better technology and faster response times. It’ll make it possible for organizations to get what they want on demand.

itworkflow offers strategy and implementation and adaption of the cloud both at the public and private levels. We also offer a unique blended option of hybrid cloud adaption and transition roadmap to move to the cloud environment.

Cloud segmentation and Security :

We understand the intricate architecture and technological variations between public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. We provide the optimal balance of usability and security when it comes to business-critical workloads and security measures.

We offer an agnostic approach as shared clouds may have the risk of slower performance and increased security threats. From a security standpoint, we offer secure cloud rings for venerable applications as well as migration to private clouds in the future.

Hybrid cloud adoption and increased cloud development :

As companies move from on-premises solutions we help you take that first step to move non mission-critical applications to the cloud using cloud connectors as you develop a more robust and secure cloud environment as well as develop confidence in the technology. We help companies in implementing the cloud as well as map out transition plans to move from on-premises to hybrid cloud and then to the private or public cloud. The hybrid cloud provides a combination of strengths like management convenience while retaining mission-critical on-premise solutions. We help in the development and implementation of third-party, enterprise, and commercial applications, as well as value, add to cloud application ecosystems, marketplaces, and API exchanges.

Big data and Social Analytics with Cloud :

We provide the roadmap to adopt and use Big Data applications through the cloud. We also provide measurable ROI that enables human resources and marketing to put the cloud to work for their returns as well as social analytics marketing. This eliminates the need to go through the IT departments for strategy implementation and actionable plans.

We also help you define and implement a strategic mix of social media applications on the cloud with seamless integration to companies’ own private/public cloud.

Replace the traditional infrastructure with the cloud through a smooth transition :

The fact that data centers with cloud infrastructure have become mature, and secured with real-time disaster recovery plans enables companies to move away from IT infrastructure maintenance as well as in-house maintenance staff.

We help companies to strategize and almost completely float away from hardware since companies are already starting to find many valuable applications available online while eliminating the need to keep purchasing new servers. Modular software is a large application with components that can be modified without shutting down the entire program. We help companies identify a new approach to technology and self-service use of business applications on the cloud.

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Technology Maintenance Services

We provide complete outsources services for system administration and infrastructure maintenance.

Application Maintenance Services

Our Global Deliver Centers provide 24×7 support for high availability .

Technology Roadmap

We provide technology roadmap and dashboard in cloud, mobility and big data .

Career Growth

A career development plan consists of short-term and long-term goals related to an employee's job, incorporating their strengths and future career aspirations.