IT Workflow

ITWORKFLOW provides end-to-end security services to organizations at all levels. The specific focus of our services is as follows:

GRC and governance planning
Security Management and Roadmap planning
Security Testing.
Operational risk management
Credit risk management
Market risk management
Asset & liability management
Fraud and anti-money laundering prevention
Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, Solvency 2
Enterprise Compliance Services.
Firewall Management Services
Intrusion Prevention Management Services
Wireless Intrusion Prevention Services
Security Risk Profiling Services
SOD – Roles and Profile Management Services
Port Monitoring and optimization services
SSL implementation and management services
XML encryption and management services
Log Management and BDC management
Remote DRP and Archiving services
Vulnerability Management Services
End to End ERP administration and remote management services.
Phishing Response Services.
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