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We provide complete end-to-end services in SAP SuccessFactors cloud solutions as below :

SuccessFactors Recruiting

Recruiting solution
Accelerate and streamline your recruiting processes
Build your workforce from a qualified, global pool of internal and external talent
Leverage built-in recruiting insights to measure the impact of your hiring
Cut recruiting and sourcing costs while improving employee retention
Use a personalized, multi-channel approach to get your jobs in front of the right candidates
SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Performance and Goals
Leverage in-depth employee performance information to decide who you want to reward – or single out for targeted development.

Help employees and managers align individual goals to company objectives – and track performance
Improve employee engagement and retention with meaningful feedback and coaching
Provide objective ratings across your organization to better calibrate performance
Clearly identify high performers – as well as potential future leaders
SuccessFactors Compensation

Implement innovative reward strategies and guidelines to ensure uniformity of and governance over your compensation programs.

Identify and develop the skills necessary to align your workforce with business goals
Build a competency catalog that can be leveraged by all talent management processes
Define key competencies along your job architecture and cultivate talent pools accordingly
SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Succession and Development
Build and develop your bench strength – and proactively plan for organizational change – to quickly and seamlessly reshuffle talent as necessary.

Match employee profiles to open and future positions
Tie employee skills and knowledge to individual training plans
Make faster, more informed decisions about your talent pipeline and successor rankings
Identify key positions and target specific employees as potential successors
SuccessFactors Learning

Give your employees any time, anywhere access to the knowledge and training they need – with a comprehensive, integrated learning environment.

Empower employees to share best practices
Control learning processes and manage the course offerings
Support the creation, distribution, and storage of course materials
Help instructors manage attendee participation and activities for their courses
SuccessFactors Collaboration

Take learning, onboarding, and other talent processes to new heights with SAP social business collaboration software:

Empower teams to work more effectively across departments and geographies
Speed recruiting, onboarding, and other HR processes with improved collaboration
Build communities around instructor-led training to improve employee development
Scale informal learning to help employees find experts and content when needed
Access and contribute to projects and discussions with complete mobile access
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Technology Maintenance Services

We provide complete outsources services for system administration and infrastructure maintenance.

Application Maintenance Services

Our Global Deliver Centers provide 24×7 support for high availability .

Technology Roadmap

We provide technology roadmap and dashboard in cloud, mobility and big data .

Career Growth

A career development plan consists of short-term and long-term goals related to an employee's job, incorporating their strengths and future career aspirations.